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Signing Up

Signing Up

How to sign up for Marianist Connect the first time

Note:  Lay Marianists who registered in MLC-NA’s Member Portal between Nov 2022 – March 2023 will already have an active account.  Simply log in with your existing email and password.


Personal Accounts:


The first time you sign up for Marianist Connect, click Create New Account:


Select Personal, and then add your name, email, and password. Do not use an email that is tied to a volunteer or professional position, such as  Instead, use an email address that is affiliated with you personally.


Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  Then click Register.






Institutional accounts are for groups entities such asMarianist ministries, communities, branches, etc. Institutional accounts have adifferent set of features, and are primarily used in order to make social andcalendar posts on behalf of the entire group, ministry, or entity.


Approved Marianist institutional accounts may post Newsarticles.  To apply for approval as aNews Posting institution, first create your institutional account in Marianist Connect.  After the account is created, send an emailto along with the nature of the request and best personto contact with additional information.